Our History

Ricky Howard was born and raised on Chincoteague Island.  He is one of 10 children of Roy and Laura Howard.  He has lived on Chincoteague Island all of his life.  He has also been a watermen all of his life.  In 1991 Ricky opened a little stand on the corner of his house, with the help of his wife Ann and his sons Erik and Ricky Jr.  In 1995 the family expanded the business, building a larger store, including an area for shucking shell-fish and steaming crabs. 

Ricky owns "grounds" in the Chincoteague Bay, where he grows the clams and oysters that he sells in the store. He also sheds the soft crabs that are sold in the store. With a lifetime of experience working on the local waters, Ricky knows how to provide high quality seafood to his customers.