Volunteer Members

The Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company has 34 active members and 68 lifetime members. Our members are all volunteers who provide the residents of Chincoteague Island with tax-free fire suppression protection, search and rescue, and emergency medical services. The Firemen are dedicated men and women, young and old, who work year round for the best interests of the community. Their efforts provide debt-free, modern equipment that any company would be proud of owning. The ambulance service is also part of their continuing efforts to keep the citizens and visitors safe from disasters. All during the year, the firemen are busy keeping their equipment in top-notch condition, maintaining the carnival grounds, taking care of the famous wild ponies, while still providing 24 hour emergency support service to the entire community. Every Monday night, the firemen meet at the Firehouse to practice drill sessions or attend committee meetings. The third Monday of each month is set aside for the Company's regular meeting.
2011 Officers

  • Rick Betts, President
  • Dave Jennings, Vice President
  • Denise Bowden, Secretary
  • Kevin Holloway, Assistant Secretary
  • Billy Joe Tarr, Treasurer
  • James Russell, Assistant Treasurer
  • Bobby Lappin, Chief
  • Harry S. Thornton, 1st Assistant Chief
  • Randy Thornton, 2nd Assistant Chief
  • Nathan Clark, Chief Engineer
  • Dave Jennings, 1st Assistant Chief Engineer
  • Rick Raymond, 2nd Assistant Chief Engineer
  • Denise Bowden, Public Relations Officer
Pony Committee (Salt Water Cowboys)

  • Harry S. Thornton, Chairman
  • Bobby Lappin
  • Lloyd Belton
  • Naomi Belton
  • Roe Terry
  • David Savage
  • Nathan Clark
  • Edwin Taylor
  • Eddie Moran
  • Ken Hardison
  • Eddie Thornton
  • John Bloxom
  • Wesley Bloxom
  • Rick Raymond
  • John Lewis
  • David R. Lewis
  • Kenny Lewis
  • Randy Thornton
  • Chris Bowden

Salt Water Cowboys