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Captain Barry's Champagne Sunset Cruise

Enjoy a glass of champagne on Back Bay sunset cruise while watching our world-famous Sunset disappear below the western horizon!

With the wind in your hair and the smell of sweet sea air, you'll be whisked away to a Chincoteague Bay Paradise where all your worries seem to disappear and a sense of relaxation and appreciation of nature takes over you.

This is the most magnificent way to celebrate the close of the day and the start of a warm airy night! Impress your loved one or enjoy the company of friends and family while you watch the blue sky turn into a spectacular light show as it casts every color imaginable above the horizon. The beauty of the Chincoteague sunset will take your breath away. Personal coolers welcome. This is an adult only trip, the only way you can bring kids if you reserve the entire boat

This is a two hour cruise. ONLY $40.00 per person.

Departs 6:30 PM

Your coolers are welcome.

Please call ahead for reservations 757-336-6508

Captain Barry Sunset

Captain Barry Sunset