Chincoteague Hunting & Fishing Center

We appreciate your interest in Chincoteague Hunting/Fishing Center Inc. We offer guided waterfowl hunting on the Virginia's Eastern Shore, which are the wintering grounds for one of the largest, most diverse populations of waterfowl found anywhere and includes the largest concentration of Greater Snow Geese in the country.

Chincoteague Hunting & Fishing Cntr. has been rated as one of the top one hundred greatest waterfowl outfitters in North America.

"...Capt. Pete Wallace has set up a waterfowling outfitting service that will gladden the heart of any hunter".

We have approximately 100 blinds from the Maryland-Virginia state line south for approximately thirty miles. We also have blinds in and around the Saxis Wildlife Management area on the Chesapeake Bay. These blinds include marsh blinds, which overlook ponds and creeks. Pole blinds, which are located in the open waters of the bays and sounds. We also have grass boats, floating and portable blinds. Our guides provide you with transportation to and from the blinds. They are licensed Coast Guard Captains with Coast Guard inspected vessels. Your guide will remain near by throughout the hunt to set out decoys, retrieve your birds and relocate you as necessary. We often move a few times throughout the hunt depending on weather conditions, tides and the type of waterfowl you are hunting. It is possible to hunt Puddle ducks, Divers, Sea Ducks, Brant and Geese all in the same day.

Captain Pete Wallace started in this area approximately thirty years ago as a Charter Boat operater. The business expanded into waterfowl guide service currently employing five full time guides. We are a Virginia hunting license agent and offer a full selection of ammo at competitive prices.

For reservations, please call 757-336-3474 anytime before 6 p.m.

For information, please call 757-894-8148.

This business is one of a number of private businesses authorized within Assateague Island National Seashore by written agreement with the National Park Service to provide appropriate recreational services to seashore visitors. Assateague Island National Seashore does not endorse this business over any other authorized providers. Please direct all inquiries and comments related to the quality of these services within the seashore to the Superintendent, Assateague Island National Seashore, 7206 National Seashore Lane, Berlin, MD. 21811.

Latest News And Updates 

We are looking forward to another good year on the Eastern Shore. Brant numbers were at a all time high last year. The last 2 years have been two of the best for Sea ducks. Diver hunting was good, as usual. The warm weather made puddle duck hunting tough, but we always have plenty of Black ducks. Plenty of both Hooded and Red breasted Mergansers to help fill out our 20 bird combined limit. That limit changes a little depending on the season.

The only disappointing news from last year was the lack of Snow geese. I've been told that they stayed north of us due to the warm weather, but I've not heard of any great success anywhere last year on Snows? The disappointing news this year is the reduction in the days for the Brant season. I can only guess that the bird counter was vacationing in Florida and didn't see any there? If the Brant numbers continue to increase, there will not be enough food to sustain them, which is what happened the last time they miscounted them. Brant were forced to eat grass in peoples front yards along with the hundreds of Mallards that the duck counter has not been able to find.

More good news is that due to last years mild winter, we lost very few blinds. We have been able to put most of our effort into expanding our area with new blinds. Even more good news, for those that want birds that are good to eat. All our birds are good to eat! I have included recipes on our website under "about our hunts" I will be adding more, and if you have any recipes that you would like to share please send them. We still have dates open, so we hope to see you this year.

Captain Pete