Audio Recordings & Transcripts

Click the links below to access the audio recordings (mp3 format) or the transcripts for any of the Oral History interviews we have on file.

Audio Recording (mp3 format)Transcript
Adams, Jimmy | 11-16-2005N/A
Birch, Bill and Mary Alice | 10-21-2007View
Birch, Malnina and Mr. Birch | 10-08-1985N/A
Bowden, Edward | 08-01-2006View
Brasure, Ruby | 09-18-2006View
Clark, Walt | 04-08-1998N/A
Cobb, Lucille | 09-05-2013View
Collins, Corkey | 08-31-2012View
Conklin, Henry James (Bob) | 07-31-2006N/A
Daisey, Cigar | 04-29-1998View
Davis, Anne Lumley | 05-07-2006View
Derrickson, Grier | 04-20-2006View
Fisher, Thalia | 05-03-2006N/A
Holland, Dennis | 10-17-2005N/A
Holstein-Lott, Ernestine | 09-30-2013N/A
Howard, Terry | 01-24-2006View
Jester, Bill | 1977 (part 1)View
Jester, Bill | 1977 (part 2)N/A
Jester, Richard, V. Merritt, Mayor T. Stass | Part 1N/A
Jester, Richard, V. Merritt, Mayor T. Stass | Part 2N/A
Jester, William F. | 1977-78N/A
Jester, William F. | 1977N/A
Jester, William F. | 05-20-1978N/A
Jester, William F., N. Steelman | 12-1977N/A
Jones, Leroy Roy | 11-07-2005N/A
Jones, Roy | 02-24-2006View
Kaul, Alice | 07-19-2013View
Leonard, Donald | 04-25-2006N/A
Leonard, Donald | 10-08-1985View
Leonard, Donald, G. Richardson, othersN/A
McGee, Cork | 04-1998View
Merritt, Helen | 09-17-2007View
Phipps, Jeanette, C. Ewell | 09-15-2007View
Quillen, Howard | 12-04-2012View
Reed, Woose | 01-2004 (part 1)N/A
Reed, Woose | 01-2004 (part 2)N/A
Risley, Ed and Cynthia | 07-2007View
Salyer, Connie | 09-10-2013N/A
Savage, Bill, Rosalie Merritt Savage | 11-04-2005N/A
Stassio, Tony - Mayor | 10-1985 (part 1)N/A
Stassio, Tony - Mayor | 10-1985 (part 2)N/A
Steelman, Nat | 1977N/A
Steelman, Nat Family | 1977N/A
Turnquist, Gary | 11-16-2005N/A
Watson, Denny and familyN/A
West, Nancy, othersN/A
Williams, Frank | 03-15-2006View

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