Beau Rescued

Beau was our first rescued horse. In April 2009, we learned through a Morgan rescue group about Beau, a 15-year-old former Amish carriage driving horse that had aged out of his job and sold through auction. Unfortunately, a horse-slaughter dealer bought him, and he was scheduled to ship to a Canadian slaughterhouse in a few days.

Since I had just lost my best beginner lesson horse, also a Morgan, due to her old age, my clients (and a bunch of their friends that I didn't even know) pitched in money to buy Beau from the dealer.

Beau has turned out to be an excellent beginner lesson horse for children and adults. We've used him in lessons, parades, trail rides and carriage-driving lessons. Our great experience with Beau led Queen Hive Farm to consider other slaughter-bound horses as possibilities for lesson horses and horses for students who were ready to buy their own horses.