Peter Uprichard
233661 Saxis Road
P. O. Box 38
Sanford, VA  23426

phone: 757-824-5956 


Peter Uprichard is a retired carpenter/house builder, shop teacher, working in flat glass art in his studio-home in Sandford, VA, a small village surrounded by salt marsh & farm fields 3 miles from the Chesapeake Bay. He is also a dedicated organic gardener and a bread maker.  His most recent work in glass is the depiction of native shore birds. 
His ambition is to be known as the "Grandpa Moses" of flat glass art.
He is preparing his shop/studio to be available for lessons in stained glass, as well as for use by fellow artists.  The shop will also contain a potter's wheel and kiln.
The clear glass used in Peter's creations is salvaged from derelict houses.  It is wavy and shows defects.  The frame is cherry wood also salvaged from derelict frame houses as structural 2x4's and remilled by hand into frame stock.  Thus, the glass creation is both art and artifact.

Some examples of the artists work

Lady Godiva  - (13X17) $150
Peruvian Native Dancers - (16X18)  $125
Canvas Back - (22X20) $150

Winter Blue - (12X16) $75
2 Kingfishers - (12X15 each)  $95 a piece

Laughing Gull - (20X14)  $95
Harvest Egret - (20X17)  $150

Red Breasted Merganser - (22X17)  $150

Egret  -  (20X24)  $75

Art Deco Black & White Herpa - (16X20)  $90

Canada Landing - (17X12)  $125

Fish sign - (12X8)  $35
Egret in Water - (26X20)  $100

Least Tern - (29X23)  $150

Clock - (16X25)  $150


Infinity  -  (12" diameter)   $35


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