Ember's Page

May 2016 Update on Ember

Misty’s September StarDust (known as Ember) has had a very busy winter. One of the very intelligent ponies that we have, she has been using her “smarts” to get into trouble, so we decided it was time that she had a job to do. Because of her size and not wanting to put pressure on her legs, we decided not to gentle her to ride. So, what job could she do? After considering and pondering, we decided it was time for Ember to become a “trick” pony. So we sent her to a friend to see if she had any aptitude for “tricks” and guess what???? Ember loved trick school! Her instructor said she was one of the smartest ponies she had ever worked with (we know Chincoteague ponies are very intelligent horses) and was always willing to work harder and learn new tricks. So, this year as part of the pony show, Ember will be making her debut as a trick pony. She will be spending her summer at the Pony Centre and hopefully, showing off her new skills at the daily Pony Show. Way to go, Ember!

Welcome to the info page about the pony Misty’s September StarDust (Ember)! Our Miracle Misty Pony!

The first and only Misty family Chincoteague pony to be “adoptable”. For all those wonderful people out there who have always wanted to be part of the Misty Chincoteague story and will never be able to own their own foal—this is your chance to be part of it! Misty’s September StarDust is a golden palomino pinto filly, born on September 19, 2007. She is the daughter of Misty’s HeatWave and Chintoeague Cezanne.

Her entrance into the world was not a very smooth one. She was born two months premature, and instead of weighing the average birth weight of 60 to 100 lbs., she barely tipped the scales at 30 lbs. She was too weak to stand, had no hooves to speak of (they had not grown out yet), and was a small all legs bundle that could just be carried around. She was rushed to the Layfield Vet Clinic, where Veterinarians Kristen Vance and Darryl Insley worked to save her life. They gave her less than a 40% chance of making it through her first day of life.

But “Ember” as the filly came to be called, was more determined than anyone gave her credit for, and made it through that first day, and the next, and the next. By her fifth day, she could weakly stand up, and started drinking her mother’s milk straight from the source, rather than from a bottle. Once she learned to stand, even though it was at first on her ankles, there was no stopping her. She has been moving ever since.

Because the vets wanted her to use her legs and get more exercise, they rigged her mother’s stall so that Ember could wander in and out and all around the vet clinic. Clients still talk today about the little pony that would “clump” out into the waiting room and check out all the visitors and their animals waiting to see the vet.

When Ember was about ten days old, she was declared strong enough to return to the farm, where she continued to get special care. As her hooves grew out, they needed special trimming so that her legs and feet would grow correctly. She was monitored for any complications that might develop with her health, but she continued to grow more healthy every day.

Her mother Misty’s HeatWave, was a wonderful mother and cared and watched for her baby constantly. Because the foal was so little and premature, she was allowed to stay with her mother until she was nine months old (foals are usually weaned between four and six months of age) and both she and her mom were given special supplements and feed to keep them strong and healthy.

Ember is now a happy year and a half old, as beautiful as ever with per palomino pinto markings, including the four point star. She and Misty III have become best friends and spend many an hour in the pasture together. She has learned to stand on a stool and has had basic leadline and halter training as well as made several public appearances. She is at the Chincoteague Pony Centre for the summer. Don’t forget! You can symbolically adopt Ember and get your own certificate and photo of her, and follow her life on our website as she continues to grow. Don’t forget to stop in and see her when you are on Chincoteague Island

As of Pony Penning 2009, Ember now has her own book, Misty's September StarDust, the fifth book in the series of Ponies of Chincoteague. The story tells of Ember's birth and early days as she struggled for life and the vet that worked to save her. It can be ordered over the website by emailing: ponycntr@verizon.net (you can get the book as well as adopt Ember) and sells for $11.95 plus shipping and handling. The book comes autographed by the author, Kendy Allen.