Community Heritage Project

The Library's Board of Directors is committed to preserving Chincoteague’s history and heritage for future generations. The Virginia Foundation for the Humanities is providing essential matching support for the Community Heritage Project, including its centerpiece oral history project.

The main purpose of this project is the collection of island traditions and heritage, including oral history, historic photographs and documents of local significance, for preservation and study.

Because the “tradition bearers” – those who still carry the knowledge and skills of the traditional island occupations of commercial fishing, net making, waterfowl hunting, boat building, decoy carving, animal husbandry, and quilting, as well as knowledge of local island lore and history – are fast disappearing, we need to capture their memories, history, and life stories.

The Library Board of Directors’ Oral History Committee, chaired by Margot Hunt, has already captured many of these stories on audio tape. These recordings and some transcripts of the interviews are available on all of the Library's public use computers, or you may follow this link to listen to the oral history recordings or read the transcripts here on our website.

If you are interested in local island history, would like to be trained to conduct interviews, or if you know of someone who should be interviewed, please contact The Chincoteague Island Library at (757) 336-3460 and leave your name and phone number with the volunteer on duty.

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